baby bags!

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So I finally took the plunge and set up a section of the shop for baby/mommy products.  Makes sense considering in less than 4 months I am going to be a mom myself...Is it normal that it still feels surreal that I am pregnant? I mean, I feel baby p kicking away at me throughout the day and I definitely have gained some lb's (the number will not be shared) but seriously! I am going to have a baby- ME! Crazy. Ok, enough about that. Back to the baby bags!

Right now I've got the hobo style diaper bag in my production line (see below). Try and ignore the grainy-ness of the photo- I lost my more professional photos on my computer that died (that'll teach me not to back up files!!!) 
The plan will be to add more styles, but right now I'm KISS (keeping it simple stupid). Helps me balance the demand I have for bridal clutches while letting me still have fun working with soon to be moms. I'm actually working with a sweet lady right now who is due 3 days after me with her first- so fun!!!!

I have two options for the diaper bags in the shop.
Option 1: You tell me color/pattern design that you are envisioning and I find it and create.  Option 2: You have the perfect fabrics for the bag laying around your house or saw 'the one' at your local store but have no interest in actually making a bag out of them.  Ship those puppies to me and I'll sew it all up for you!

Obviously the price varies between the two options as well. If you are anything like me, you like to see and feel the fabric that is going to be used for your new creation.  At the same time- if you're pressed for time and already making 5,000,000 decisions regarding the new baby, etc. leave the looking to me. You know I enjoy shopping for new fabrics!! :)

You can check out the new listings here

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!

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it's business time.

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Seriously I cannot believe it is already November!!! This year has just completely flown right by. It's been one of the best years yet- married my best friend and found out that the right side of my brain was a lot more active than I gave it credit for- I feel very blessed and content.

Of course, there is always room for improvement and in my case, that means specifically honing better time management skills and getting my workload and work space organized and under control. If you remember way back to here, I had high, HIGH hopes of having my studio up and running back in the summer. It's a little behind schedule- the foosball table is still in it's spot and the sewing cabinet is still in it's natural, un-painted state, stuffed between the foosball table and fabric storage shelf...good times. Here it is in all it's glory (the picture was taken in it's old home...):
So before this year is over I plan to tackle those issues as well as a few others to get my 'business housekeeping' under control. I'm posting them publicly so that it's even more incentive to stick to it. I could wait til the new year to really buckle down on these goals but I'm hopeful by then that there will be some new and exciting creations I want to work on which will prompt a NEW goal set. Hooray!!!

So there they are in no particular order (along with a few personal goals I have as well):

- Finish writing business plan (I know I am way overdue on this one!!!)
- Donate the foosball table & have it removed 
- Run with Moose 3 times a week
- Finish up all pending orders that were started in October
- Organize all receipts/bank accounts for accountant
- IKEA trip and shelf assembly for studio (foosball has to be gone first)
- Prepare our first Thanksgiving as a married couple
- Start new section of etsy site offering custom diaper bags
- All fabric and inventory organized (need shelf built first)
- Paint sewing cabinet (finally)
- Homemade dinners at least 3 times a week (including days with leftovers...)
- Finish watching all the past seasons of Bones

Holy moly. There are a lot of big goals on here, but really, all need to be completed by end of month so that holiday gift season and end of year will be as painless as possible. Can I do it? YES I CAN! :)

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coming september 3rd...

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Ok ladies (and gents)-

It is official. Starting September 3rd Oatmeal Lace will have a selection of bridal clutches featured in a new local bridal shop: The White Closet Company. This is going to be the place to find a bridal gown and accessories for your upcoming wedding. Cindy has put so much hard work into opening her dream shop and you guys- it is all paying off! You'll have to come visit- she's offering great specials for her first month in business so get the deals while you can! Plus- you could not ask for a more personal bridal consultant- she will make finding 'the one' so much fun!!!!

I'll be updating the blog with sneak peaks of the bridal clutches I will be offering in her shop- as always, I can customize them to your specifications. :) Just contact us at the store for futher information.


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oh oh oh oh oh-my-gosh.

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please tell me you know where that title comes from y'all! seriously, i can't get that song out of my head since yesterday's run. i digress...i know i've been a little slack on the posting here lately and i'm blaming it on the fact that i am still trying to learn how to take enticing product photos.

my home studio is a little cluttered (with work stuff NOT things i've brought home from Homegoods, dear husband!!) and until i get the foosball table out and my sewing table set up, i probably won't be taking pictures in there. on that note- anyone want a really nice foosball table?? i'll let it go for a steal. :)

so today i'm going to step outside of the box (house) and take some photos on our patio. we've got a nice weathered fence that i think will make a good backdrop for some of the bags i've been working on. hopefully i'll do well enough that one or two of the pictures will make it onto the blog tomorrow- the brides who've done custom orders with me are really awesome and i want to show off their designs. for now enjoy the two photos in this post...i did not take them- my friend Lauren did this fine photography work. thanks lady!!!

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