FSU collegiate clutch, limited edition :)

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in honor of tomorrow's big, big, HUGE game I had to do a post about the limited edition Florida State clutch I am going to be featuring in the shop for the next month. chevron stripes rule (but don't tell my husband) and in the midst of the whole missoni craze at target it felt like the right time to debut this little lady.  I'm seriously sad that I won't be in Tallahassee this weekend for the game, it is my hometown and we'd have babysitters more than willing to watch Beckett.  BUT...I will be pairing this clutch with my fancy cocktail attire while at the Big Brothers Big Sisters gala here in Tampa.  do I care that it doesn't match? no way, jose! it's my way of being there in spirit. GO NOLES!!!

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chevron stripes everywhere!

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I just found out that my husband isn't a huge fan of chevron stripes...this he decides to tell me after the bumpers and crib skirt are already made.  considering that the fabric was ok'd (by him) before purchase he's just SOL. plus- who do you think really cares more about the patterns in the nursery, me or him?  it was funny though when he asked what fabric I chose for the diaper bag and I casually mentioned yellow chevron stripes. his reaction was something like this (at 30 seconds in...) seriously, is that not the funniest video?

oh, and sidenote- hello chevron clutch! might need to add one of these beauties to the shop soon!
I still need to decide if I'm going to make a couple of crib sheets or if I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope that I get the zip sheets on my registry. seems like it will make nighttime sheet changes so much easier with the zips, and I am not willing to tackle that as a DIY project. my list of things I want to do/make before baby p's arrival cannot grow any longer (unless I get to have extra hours in my day- I'd like at least 4 more please!)
anywho- my friend Randi, over at The Homemade Parade, and I were talking about my plans to make the crib bedding and how frustrating it can be to have a crib skirt that works perfectly at one mattress setting only to have it be too short/long once you have to change it as your child grows.  she mentioned a blog, Urban Grace, that she reads where the writer figured out how to eliminate this issue by creating panels that tie to the mattress base.  that way you just have to untie the panels and reposition when it's time to lower the mattress so your kid doesn't climb out of the bed. genius, I tell you! I decided to give it a go and it worked fabulously! mine are straight, flat panels which I prefer with the patterned fabric I bought, but this would easily work with ruffled or pleated skirts too.

thanks for the find, Randi!! :)

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