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tomorrow is the day. ever since I first started hearing things about MTH I have been intrigued. granted, the first whispers I heard were at the end of 2009 and at that point I didn't have a business and had no intention of starting one or doing anything in the wedding industry so that was it. sounded like an interesting concept, but not really pertinent to me or where I was going.

fast forward to the last 6 months. jumping into a new business with both feet, learning as I go, racing to keep up, making mistakes and readjusting. go, go go. if you know me, you know that this is NOT how I normally do things. I am the quintessential researcher. the planner; the one that knows every in and out of what could/should/will happen and has the alternate routes ready before taking the first step.

all the while, I've been reading about the MTH tour- following along with Lara, Emily & Gina's journey on tumblr, absorbing blogs written by those who have already attended. as scared as I am to go tomorrow (I am not one that likes to be in a group setting and talk about myself, my goals, my dreams) I know that I have to. if I don't I know I'll always regret what could have been. its that persistent nagging in the back of your brain that says 'do it, c'mon! being scared is not a good excuse' so I'm feeling the fear and doing it anyways. :)

2010 brought some amazing changes to my life that I'm still trying to process. I've decided tomorrow starts my 2011. I've got some big decisions ahead to ensure I am being the best ME I can be. both for oatmeal lace and for my family and friends. ready to get fired up!

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2010, reviewed. 2011, ready.

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wow, what a year it's been. i've been pretty quiet around here for the past few weeks- working on overdrive to get out christmas orders and finish out the year. ready to start 2011 with a bang. very excited/anxious about what I have in store starting out next month. so before the clock strikes 12, let's recap. we'll highlight the big things, otherwise I could go on and on and on...

january-march: basically all 3 months encompassed wedding planning and lots of trial and error in creating the perfect gift for my bridesmaids. :)
april: married the most wonderful man and experienced joy like I had never felt before celebrating with our family and friends. you can read more about that here. or just watch this. so so so fun!
may: a relaxing, lovely month. just enjoyed being newly married.
june: it's about to get wild in my household. our wedding was featured online and it seriously changed the course of the next half of 2010. all because of the picture used as the header in this blog (scroll up to see). it was the kick in the butt I needed to open my etsy shop where I had 2 orders before I even posted any pictures. whaaaa??
july: began learning about the power of social media. holy moly did I have a lot to learn (and still do!) so thankful for the wonderful community I've found. #TWIPS!
august: realized I really need to get better at time management because balancing a full time job, a household and a small business is really tough. oh, extracurricular activities? wine nights with friends? gym at my usual 545 am after staying up until 1 or 2? forgoing these more often than not stinks.
september- november: realizing how much I love working with the ladies that visit the shop. loving that I get to create something special and unique for each bride. totally makes late nights and long days worth it. especially since I'm starting to receive great feedback.
december: little bit crazy. note to self: have a lot of merchandise in stock next year for christmas orders. made some life changing decisions (I think) that are going to kick start 2011 into being an amazing year. starting with attending making things happen in tampa next month. hope you'll follow along.

i'll leave you with just a few photos that make me smile. {ELD, Style Me Pretty, Erin Werner}

xo- mckay

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