Holiday Ordering & Giveaway

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Next week is Thanksgiving you guys, NEXT WEEK! What in the world?!?
So, here are the guidelines for holiday know me and my last minute instructions. SORRY.

To make up for the procrastination on my end I am going to be offering up a little something extra for those of you who take advantage of our 'early black friday' sale. We normally do not discount on digitizing and embroidery but for one day only I'll be including those when I release the coupon code Friday morning. And if you want even MORE discount love, you can sign up HERE to receive a super special code to use a day early. 

There is some fine print to make sure your order will qualify for Christmas delivery which I'll outline below. This mainly pertains to custom aprons, since prepping logos for those takes the most time. Clutches & monogrammed ribbons are easier to prep so if that is what you are ordering just make sure to order by 12/1 and they will be delivered before Christmas day.
I am only able to guantee delivery within the continental US you guys. I hate that, but I've had a few issues come up with overseas orders and I don't feel comfortable guaranteeing delivery when I can't control customs inspections. 

1. Last day to order aprons & toolkits is next Friday, 11/17.
 PLEASE include your logo (a large jpg/png is fine) in an email or attached to your etsy conversation as soon as you order. If we do not receive your logo or embroidery file within 24 hours of purchase, we cannot guarantee you will receive your aprons by Christmas.

2. Your logo will be sent to our digitizer immediately after receipt and we will be back in touch within 2 business days with your quote. Approval and payment need to be made within 24 hours of receipt and then you are ready to go!

Again, aprons/toolkits need to be purchased by 11/17, while clutches & bouquet ribbons can be purchased up until 12/1; all with guaranteed shipping dates of 12/18. 

Feel free to email me with any questions and if you want to get a jump on ordering, go ahead and email me your logo NOW so that we can get you a quote.
Last but not least, we're back this year with a 12 days of Christmas giveaway starting 11/27!
This time we'll be giving away 12 things from the shop, adding in a few fun surprises that we've never offered before. There will be gifts for brides-to-be, new mamas', your favorite wedding vendors & more. Happy Holidays! :) 


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Friday Five - West Sheridan

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You guys, we are onto the 5thconsecutive week of the Friday Five series and I am pumped! I plan to keep this as a regular feature on into the new year (as long as I have willing participants) although we will take a break over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. I hope you all will continue to follow along, and if you have an apron and would like to be featured, email me! (seriously, I love to hear from you guys and am planning the calendar in January now)

Ok! So on to this week’s interview! I got a chance to speak with Nicole Hance, the hilarious, kind –hearted woman who’s the driving force behind West Sheridan; a hand lettering and illustration company she started on a dream and a prayer back in 2013. She’s also one of my oldest online friends and has illustrated several of our Christmas cards, hand lettered prints in my home and created the recipe and Thank You cards for Oatmeal Lace. If you’ve received a package from me, you’ve seen her work!

1.     Can you tell us a little about yourself, your company, West Sheridan, and how you began exploring calligraphy?

I started this answer with my age but then deleted it - that’s not how I want to introduce myself! Ha! I’m a mom to two little kids (Ava is 6 and Drew is almost 2) and have been dating my husband for 20 years (married for 9).
West Sheridan was born in 2013, out of my fervent need to not have to work in a corporate cubicle anymore. On paper it was a perfect job - great boss and co-workers, flexibility, offered financial comfort, etc. - but I felt like I needed MORE. I needed more time with my little girl, more creativity, more purpose. I saw a blog post (I cannot remember where!) about ‘faux calligraphy’; I think if you scroll back REALLY far on my Instagram you can see my first attempts. They were really….ummmm… bad. But I practiced a lot and thought it was fun and eventually decided “Maybe I can do something with this…” So I gave it a shot with my first Etsy shop and social media.  When I was expecting our second child I took West Sheridan full time and it’s been great! I have LESS of that whole ‘financial comfort’ thing but MORE of the other things I really wanted.

P.S. Fine, I’m 37. I have no problem with that, but I feel like much less of a ‘grown up’ than I should in my late thirties.  :)

Um, I’m 38 and still call my mom with questions every day because CERTAINLY I can’t be that grown up?! Still blows my mind that I am responsible for the well-being of two little ones…
2.      What are some of your favorite tools/supplies?

My answer has changed a lot in the past year and a half! I used to live for fresh Sharpies, Microns, a stack of bright white paper, and my Wacom tablet. I would do all my work on paper (pencil sketch then ink final copy) and then scan it into my computer. From there I would clean it up in Photoshop and then vectorize in Illustrator. But then… For my 36th birthday my overly generous parents, brother + sister-in-law gifted me with a Surface Pro and I’ve barely looked back.  Now I letter + draw directly in Photoshop or Illustrator and it has been nice to skip the step of scanning in all my work.  Of course there are still some times when only a piece of paper and pencil will do - but even then I can take a picture of it with my computer and skip the scanning!
Image by Channing Photography
3.      What gets you up in the morning? (I hope it’s not early rising children like me!)

No, all three of us sleep through my alarm daily! But I will proudly let you know we have never missed the school bus! (yet)

I’m not sure if I should be answering this literally or figuratively, but I guess either way the answer is: Ava and Andrew.  Everything is for them, from caring for them directly (feeding, dressing, bathing etc.) to showing them how to navigate the world (love others, spend your time on things that matter, pray hard, work harder, and be grateful. That’s the short list.) One day I might have a larger list of reasons but I’m OK with them consuming this season of life. I know it’s short and I’m overwhelmingly thankful.
Image by Mastin Studio

4.     Any tips for newbies on how to develop their own style?
Practice, practice, practice, practice, PRACTICE. Just keep sketching, doodling, writing the same words over and over.  Keep making things, even if you don’t think they’re “good enough”. One day your style will emerge and maybe it won’t be what you were originally going for, but it will be yours! And it will likely continue to evolve and improve forever.5.     What’s in your apron?
Oh my gosh, I just feel so fancy and OFFICIAL in my apron.  It is my uniform for craft fairs and shows, and I keep it stocked with pens, a receipt pad, business cards, scissors, and change.  I also wear it for on-site work, such as delivering + setting up wedding signs or lettering murals. For those occasions, I make sure the pockets have tape, scissors, a pencil, good eraser, tape measure, and twine.

I also have a 2nd one for my employee (just kidding, my husband) and I won’t lie, sometimes he wears his to grill when he’s off the clock.  I think he keeps gum, earbuds, and matches in his. 


Thank you so much for joining me this week, Nic. I’ve loved watching you from the beginning, both your business and your life as a mom…especially since our kids are so close in age and our stories of starting our companies feel so similar. Really looking forward to meeting you in person this February! 
Connect with Nicole:

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Friday Five - Stephanie Shaul

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Image by Blue Barn Photography

I can't believe we're already on to week THREE of the Friday Five series! I hope you all are enjoying learning more about some of the amazing wedding professionals that are out there (or discovering some inspiring ladies to follow in your own wedding journey!) This week I was able to interview Stephanie Shaul, of Stephanie Shaul Events. {sidenote: Stephanie got married earlier this year and her last name went from SCHOLL to SHAUL! How crazy/awesome is that?!} Anyways, I can't wait for you guys to learn more about this fun loving, joy-filled lady, so without further ado, here she is!
1. Tell us a little bit about Stephanie Shaul Events and who you love to serve.

Stephanie Shaul Events is a wedding planning, design, and styling company based in Raleigh, NC, planning grace-filled, elegant, joyful weddings with beautiful, meaningful details and design. I primarily focus on full planning, production, and design for my couples, and my job is certainly one of the greatest joys of my life. My business is rooted in legacy and strong marriages, kindness and gratitude, serving others wholeheartedly, intentional living, genuine community, and grace-filled love. My couples genuinely come to feel like family, and I adore working with them to create the wedding they’ve always dreamt of. I always aim to authentically make each wedding uniquely gorgeous and meaningful to my couple’s love story, and a wedding is the perfect opportunity to celebrate love and legacy, traditions, beauty, and joy that make up one’s life. Wedding planning can be a stressful and overwhelming process, and I want to take all of the worry and stress off of my couples so that they can fully enjoy their engagement and joyfully prepare for marriage. As a recent bride myself, I know firsthand how important that is and how wonderful marriage is!

Image by Jake + Heather Photography

2. How did you get started in the event industry?

I don’t think I ever pictured that I’d working in weddings until several years ago. I went to undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill and graduated with a double major in psychology and sociology, and I had planned on going to graduate school in my late twenties to get my master’s in social work. I did plan national conferences for the US Department of Education for several years at my first job in Washington, DC, right out of college. That knowledge has definitely come in handy, and I have long had a gift for organization and logistics.
I have always read lots of wedding magazines and blogs, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really grew to love weddings—and I’ve always just loved love and celebrating life and joy. I figured that starting a blog that focused on weddings (and lifestyle) would be a good way to get even more connected to the wedding industry. I followed a lot of wedding blogs and social media accounts and I realized over time how much I really loved every aspect of weddings. In my early-mid twenties, I also attended roughly thirty weddings in a three-year window of time (I am from the South, after all!). I had ten weddings, nine bridal showers, eight bachelorette parties, and six engagement parties in a six month window, which was crazy with tons of traveling, but it was so fun! I never once was annoyed or overwhelmed with the amount of wedding-related festivities in my life, and I threw so many of those showers and helped in little ways at the weddings. It was around then that friends and family—everyone I knew, essentially—kept telling me how talented and skilled at this I was, and why wasn’t I planning weddings yet? It truly was the constant support and encouragement from my family and friends that got me to even consider planning weddings.
I had a few close friends who were either recently engaged or knew they’d be getting married soon, and they assured me that they really wanted me to plan and design their weddings. I’m forever grateful to those close friends who let me plan and design their weddings with zero actual experience besides being a bridesmaid and a wedding guest dozens of times, having a good design eye, loving weddings, and being incredibly organized. Their trust and confidence in me meant the world and that’s how I got started - coming up on four years ago now! I have worked for myself full-time for 2.5 years now, and my business moved from Washington, DC to Raleigh, NC when I went full-time. This city and its surrounding area have been so sweet to my business, and it’s been a dream come true (with a lot of hard work, for sure)!
I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! What wonderful friends, giving you the gift of following your passion and navigating those first few steps into wedding planning with the knowledge that you have their full trust and support.

Image by Ally & Bobby 

3. What was the last gift you gave someone?

My husband’s birthday wasn’t too long ago, and I gifted him a date night together (with his favorite activities and foods), a new board game (we’re a sucker for playing games at night and hosting game nights), and a craft beer brewing kit. We have some home brewed beer coming up!

Image by Nancy Ray Photography

4. How would your best friend describe you?

Loving, loyal, encouraging, and definitely goofy! This is hard to answer, but I’ve continually been told that I’m optimistic, friendly, determined, and always up for something fun. I love life and people, and I think my personality reflects that. I am wildly passionate about genuine, deep friendships and cultivating those relationships!

5. What’s in your apron?

Everything - ha! I like to think my apron holds as much as Mary Poppins’ limitless magic carpet bag. I always have my timeline, floor plans/layouts, pens (including a nice one) and a Sharpie, floral pins, safety pins, my phone, a portable phone charger, a lighter (for all of those candles and sparklers), scissors (one can never have enough), tissues, and somehow, I almost always end up with a set of someone’s car keys by the end of the night!

Images by Blue Barn Photography / Sara Logan Photography
Stephanie, thank you so much for taking the time to share with me today. Such a pleasure! I so enjoyed learning more about you, especially the steps leading up to you pursuing this career. Wishing you all the best in the future.

Connect with Stephanie:


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Friday Five - Southern Sparkle

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{Kelly Ginn Photography}
On to week two of the Friday Five Series! This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Krisy Parker Thomas, of Southern Sparkle. She is one of the sweetest ladies I've worked with and 
I'm so excited to introduce her to you all (if you aren't already familiar with her work.)

1.    Tell us a little bit about Southern Sparkle & who you love to serve.

Southern Sparkle is an award winning wedding planning team with locations in Nashville, Jackson & Memphis, Tennessee, with dreams of having additional locations all over the Southeast. Our team consists of Certified Wedding Planners certified through The Bridal Society. We plan all kinds of events from birthday parties to baby showers but wedding planning is where we thrive and what we really love doing. We were also recently named one of The Best Event Planners in Nashville by The Nashville Scene!

2.    How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I was in the banking industry right out of college and, although I was good at my job, I just wasn’t happy. For about a year my mom encouraged me to try wedding planning. She did her research and found The Bridal Society. She offered to pay for me to attend the conference but I counter offered and said I would pay for myself if she came and got certified as well. After attending the conference, I took everything we were taught to heart and hit the ground running. 1 year later I was able to quit my full-time job at the bank and put everything I could into Southern Sparkle. By year two I had to bring in additional team members and that allowed us to have Southern Sparkle all over the state of Tennessee and in year three I was named Wedding Planner of the Year by The Bridal Society.

3.    What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

I have a two year old son, Cortland, and he is the funniest person I know. So my son and I both love wrestling. Well, let’s be honest here, I love wrestling and I have basically forced this love to him as well. Our favorite wrestler is The Rock and we watch videos of him every morning as part of our morning ritual. Brush your teeth, eat your breakfast, watch The Rock…just a normal morning for us. The Rock has a catch phrase where he says “if you smell what The Rock is cooking” and tilts his head to the side and lifts his head up. Well one morning during our morning ritual, my son did this signature move while sniffing the air like he was literally trying to smell what The Rock was cooking. Luckily I caught it on my phone and can replay it over and over when I am having a bad day.

Love that you got that on video! Capturing the silly little moments with our kids is the best and I can totally relate to replaying them when I'm having a bad day (or am feeling frustrated with them in general). :)

4.    What keeps you inspired?

My amazing Sparkle Brides keep me inspired. When I think of how they are trusting me with one of the most important days of their life, I feel so humbled and honored. That trust makes me want to work even harder for them and keeps me going to try and be the best planner I can be for them.


5.    What’s in your apron?

People are always amazed when I start pulling out items from my apron. They hold so much!

   Cell phone

   Ink Pen

   Snack (usually a little pack of almonds)


   Walkie Talkie clipped on the apron

   Small pack of kleenex (always needed right as the family is about to walk down the aisle)

   Pins pinned on my apron

   Small bottle of water

   Business cards


It was such a pleasure talking to you, Krisy. Thank you so much agreeing to participate in the new series and for sharing with our readers. I hope to meet you in person someday soon!

Connect with Krisy & the Southern Sparkle team:


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ordering for the holidays!

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since time is of the essence in regards to getting our holiday wish lists together (HOW IS IT ALREADY MID NOVEMBER?!?!?) I decided what the heck and reused my shipping deadline outline from last year. less headache for me + quicker information to you all, my dear reader(s) = everyone stays happy. 

I did update the order/ship dates since we have been working hard (read: my digitizer is amazing!) to...

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maternity leave & shop status

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after having Beckett I took a couple of weeks 'off' and then slowly started working again, making clutches while he would sleep. turns out newborns sleep A LOT - just not always at the times you want them to. HA!

this time around I have a rambunctious almost four year old to wrangle, I'll be recovering from a c-section and in all honesty, I'm pretty nervous/anxious about how the transition from one...

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a is for apron.

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last summer my good friend Jacin, of lovely little details, contacted me about making aprons for her event team with her company logo on them. we discussed a few fabric and design ideas for how it should function and started working on a pattern.  I like to jump right into projects sometimes before I have all the information so after I found the perfect design I had to backtrack to make sure we could even format her logo for embroidery. I forwarded her logo over to my embroidery partner and because she is a genius, she said sure, let's give it a shot! the first set of aprons were a go! who knew that less than a year later I would have the pleasure of working with over 75 amazing vendors to create custom aprons for their companies.  I've posted several here in larger jpg format so you can get an idea of how the logo translates once sewn and if you follow this link HERE you will see a lookbook of most of the completed aprons I've done.  if anyone is interested in the process for ordering let me know and I'll do a post dedicated to that next! I'm trying to add a page on shopify but with all the customization options it's a bit more difficult than I expected (not computer savvy over here...) 

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