Doll Sized Mask

$6.00 USD

This listing is for the doll mask only (options to purchase as a set also available here)

Seeing my kids giggle and get excited over the littlest things is one of my favorite things about being a parent. They find the joy in the mundane, and I am trying to follow their example. My daughter asked me to make a matching mask for her doll and it turned out so cute, I am adding them to the shop for a limited time in case you have a child who loves to 'match' like I do. 

The doll masks will have the adjustable straps, just like our 'human' sized masks. The straps go around the head (not ears) so can accommodate various sizes of stuffed animals as well. We tested this theory on all her build a bear, bunnies, my old Cabbage Patch doll and even Baby Yoda. **If you do want to order for a Baby Yoda please leave me a note - he is the only one we've had to adjust how the straps are situated because of his extra large ears. **

If you already have a child's mask and would like to purchase a doll sized version, there is that option too. Please write in the pattern (we can only make doll sized masks of patterns we currently have in stock - so please check before purchasing). 

These are all made to order and will ship within 5-7 days of purchase. If you would like in time for Valentine's Day- please place your order by February 5th.