the photo that started it all...

February 08, 2013

so fridays are dedicated to real weddings and/or tutorials or some sort.  I didn't have a new submission for weddings this week (SEND SOME IN, LADIES!!!) and I didn't finish my tutorial, so thought I'd share a bit from my own wedding.  the photo that started this whole business (above) was taken that day and it was the best day of my life outside of the day beckett joined our family. hope you enjoy! 
my dad found all the wood and handmade the signs that were placed throughout the grounds.
I loved my bouquet. my florist rocked.
they didn't realize their hands and feet would become almost famous. :)
we incorporated a wine/letter ritual during the ceremony.  changing it up a bit from traditional wine ceremonies (that I researched ad nauseum), we each placed a letter in and then as our parents came up the aisle, they placed one in as well.  I hope we make it to our 25th anniversary before opening the box. the wine may be spoiled by then, but the letters; they're priceless.
if you were wondering about my choice of shoes : I went with rainbows. it was a good decision.
our friend kevin's signature wedding move. he goes backwards too!
our wedding was a lot of fun. hence all the dancing photos (and I'm not even a dancer!!!)
matt & reagan were awesome enough to follow us over to FSU (where I went to college) after the reception ended and take a photo of us all in front of westcott fountain. it's one of my favorites from the day and I have it blown up on a canvas in our house. makes me smile every time I walk by. :)

and one last thing just for fun. if you're on the fence about getting a photobooth/smilebooth. DO IT! :)

{all photos by the amazingly talented matt miller of our labor of love & his rad assistant, reagan powell of west destiny drive photography}

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