college football and fashion, round I.

August 17, 2010

Are you ready for some (college) football ????? I'm getting a little tingle in my tummy thinking of what fall brings. The past couple of years I have not made it to as many games as I would've liked, but the ladies always plan at least one weekend during the season to make the trek up (or down) to Tallahassee and witness our Seminoles in all their glory (ahem- they ARE glorious whether winning or losing)!

To commemorate college football in the South, I am going to be offering a line of clutches that show off our school spirit. First up (and my personal favorite, duh) is a little number showcasing what else: garnet and gold. She comes with 2 detachable floral pins, so you can wear both on the bag or one on your shirt/hat/bikini top- whatever your fancy. Yay for GAMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!you like that vintage FSU t-shirt, don't ya?

I'll leave you with a couple images around the web that make me a happy little lady and get me FIRED UP for fall football!
credits clockwise from top left: fanpop, orlandosentinel, palmbeachpost
Can't forget Bobby- we'll miss you! credit.

And lastly, a fine photo taken by this amazing duo on our wedding day in front of Westcott Fountain. LOVE.

Want a clutch in your school's colors? Comment on the post with what you think round 2 should hold. Maybe I'll even offer up a little pre-season discount! :)

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