simple (non candy) valentines.

Posted on February 05, 2016 by mckay | 0 Comments

here comes the target $1 spot for the win again.  walking by on my twice weekly trip there I spotted these cute little heart shaped glasses. adorable, right??

came home with my prize, opened up pinterest and typed in 'sunglasses valentine printable' and found exactly what I was looking for. you can download the printable I used from the Julep site HERE

:supplies needed:

heart glasses, or any kid...

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simple baby hair bows!

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{photo: Caroline Wasko}
I'm not a big fan of oversized bows on my little one, but these guys are small, adorable and so simple to make I had to share with you all. I found the original tutorial through pinterest and you can see the steps outlined on how to tie the bows here:

I love that there is no sewing involved and you can use easy to source materials. I purchased my...

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ordering for the holidays!

Posted on November 11, 2015 by mckay | 0 Comments

since time is of the essence in regards to getting our holiday wish lists together (HOW IS IT ALREADY MID NOVEMBER?!?!?) I decided what the heck and reused my shipping deadline outline from last year. less headache for me + quicker information to you all, my dear reader(s) = everyone stays happy. 

I did update the order/ship dates since we have been working hard (read: my digitizer is amazing!) to...

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family halloween.

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we really like halloween around here, and have enjoyed our family costumes since beck made his appearance back in 2011. now that he's a bit older he gets to decide the theme for the family, and this year it's star wars (you're so original, buddy!) 

he wanted a 'dark vadar' themed birthday when he turned 4 this year, so he got his costume back in august as a present from nanny & papa. :)

i've been...

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maternity leave & shop status

Posted on June 25, 2015 by mckay | 0 Comments

after having Beckett I took a couple of weeks 'off' and then slowly started working again, making clutches while he would sleep. turns out newborns sleep A LOT - just not always at the times you want them to. HA!

this time around I have a rambunctious almost four year old to wrangle, I'll be recovering from a c-section and in all honesty, I'm pretty nervous/anxious about how the transition from one...

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last minute valentines.

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this is the first year beck has been in a class for valentines day with more than 4 kids (this year there are 24!!!). I asked beck what we should do for his friends and he said that we should give everyone 'lots and lots of candy.' um, good idea, son. let's try again. I (being the procrastinator that I am) waited until this week to get my act together, so I did a quick search on pinterest to see...

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holiday shipping deadlines!

Posted on October 20, 2014 by mckay | 0 Comments

if you're like all the big box stores, many of my friends or just really on top of your game, you're starting to get ready for the upcoming holidays. I'm a procrastinator by nature, so I don't usually start buying gifts until december rolls around, whoops. BUT since my shop revolves around custom pieces, and not ready to ship items, I have to give you guys timelines for when you need to place your...

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