simple fall wreath tutorial

October 12, 2012 2 Comments

you guys! I'm so excited about this wreath I made that I'm going to attempt a tutorial so that you can  make one for your door too. seriously. I'm always on the look out for a good wreath but unwilling (read: too frugal) to shell out the $$$ the ones I actually want cost.
want a peek at my favorite? this beauty of pinecones and faux antlers is the jam!!! I've determined my next wreath attempt will be something like this for christmas. my dad always has a ton of pinecones set away from cleaning the yard so this one might even be cheaper to make than the one I did today.
{source: pottery barn}
but in the meantime, I headed over to pinterest to see what people have been loving this fall and found a few pics of the little number below.  I loved the idea of the burlap and fall blooms so when I was at joann's today I wandered over to the floral aisle to see if anything caught my eye.
{source: high heeled hostess}
all the autumn florals were 50% off. lucky me! I had a roll of burlap ribbon at home left over from who knows what and two wreath hangers that have been sitting in my holiday bin just waiting for the right one to come along.  so I picked out a few florals and two 16 inch styrofoam wreaths and headed out hoping for the best. 

for those of you who don't already know- joann's takes all sorts of coupons, so besides having their handy app on my iphone (right now they have a 40% off and 50% off coupon) I print out hancock fabrics, hobby lobby, michaels & ac moore coupons that I find online everytime before I go.  there is absolutely no reason to buy anything full price when you make a trip- seriously.  let me know if you want more tips about coupons- that could be a post in itself. :)

so here's my attempt at a super easy tutorial. like I mentioned earlier- I made two wreaths since I have a double front door, so you can halve the amount of items needed if you're only making one.
- 2 16 inch styrofoam wreaths 
- roll of burlap ribbon (perfect amount for two wreaths)
- fake flowers of your choice- 3 large blooms worked perfectly for each wreath
- wreath hanger like this 
- glue gun
- cute dog to keep you company (optional)

it was SUPER simple to make these and took maybe 1/2 hour to finish both. 


start by hot gluing the end of the burlap ribbon to the back of your wreath form. then begin to wrap the burlap tightly around the wreath, using hot glue every now and then, until you’ve covered the entire thing. hot glue the end to the back of the form and cut off the excess.  
(I forgot to take pictures of this step but it's pretty self explanatory)
 next, take your flowers and remove from the stems. place them on the wreath in a combination that you like and then take hot glue to secure them down.  they will have a little bit of a 'stem' on the back of the bloom- you can press this into the styrofoam for added stability.  if you want to use some of the leaves off the stems, go for it! I used a couple to add a little bit of green to mine and saved the rest in case I want to make more.

simple, right? now hang your wreath holder up on the front/side/back door and admire your creation.  share pictures with me if you make one! I'd love to see the floral combinations you use. :)

now I just need to add a spider web and a few fake insects so that they fit in with our other 'spooky' halloween decor. :) 

happy fall, y'all!

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